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World4Public contains light articles that anything takes about a world of news, short writings (500-2,000 words) that are generated by freelance free and backlinks scooper from this website.

We accept submissions from readers for several sections, including:


News or short article about your business or some request form a free publisher with no fee or payment.

Every day we will scrape your article to our email and we will schedule post your articles as soon as possible.

Sorry for the request about a bad niche article that will NOT be ACCEPTED.


Are you interested in sending a text or sharing it? Here are the terms and conditions. (Read carefully the provisions, we are lazy to publish articles that do not meet the provisions for submitting the manuscript.)

Send the manuscript to the editorial email to with the subject according to as Type of articles (Categories your articles).

All entries are the property of the contributors. If the article is suitable for publishing, we will immediately contact you.

Contributors whose works are published in World4Public (except for the garbage email or Not accepted content) We will give appreciate indexing your article as soon as possible.

The text is sent in the format already stated in the body of the email or in the form of an attached document (complete with the picture is better).
Before the article is published, World4Public has the right to edit the contributor’s writing.

New contributors (whose writings have never been published in World4Public), Should contact us first.